Poly/Greenhouse Farming

Greenhouse Technology is the technique of providing favourable environment condition to the plants. It is rather used to protect the plants from the adverse climatic conditions such as wind, cold, precipitation, excessive radiation, extreme temperature, insects and diseases. It is also of vital importance to create an ideal micro climate around the plants. This is possible by erecting a greenhouse / glass house, where the environmental conditions are so modified that one can grow any plant in any place at any time by providing suitable environmental conditions with minimum labour. poly houses     Greenhouses are framed or inflated structures covered with transparent or translucent material large enough to grow crops under partial or fully controlled environmental conditions to get optimum growth and productivity.     Advantages of greenhouses :

  • The yield may be 10-12 times higher than that of outdoor cultivation depending upon the type of greenhouse, type of crop, environmental control facilities.
  •  Reliability of crop increases under greenhouse cultivation.
  •  Ideally suited for vegetables and flower crops.
  • Year round production of floricultural crops.
  • Off-season production of vegetable and fruit crops.
  • Disease-free and genetically superior transplants can be produced continuously.
  • Efficient utilization of chemicals, pesticides to control pest and diseases.
  • Water requirement of crops very limited and easy to control.
  • Maintenance of stock plants, cultivating grafted plant-lets and micro propagated plant-lets.
  • Hardening of tissue cultured plants
  • Production of quality produce free of blemishes.
  • Most useful in monitoring and controlling the instability of various ecological system.
  • Modern techniques of Hydroponic (Soil less culture), Aeroponics and Nutrient film techniques are possible only under greenhouse cultivation.

In India there was seedlings of vegetables and flowers are being raised in the greenhouses .Several commercial floriculture ventures are coming up in Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka states to meet the demands of both domestic and export markets.

  • High cost Green House
  • Medium cost Green House
  • Low cost Green House

Here a ppt about complete information of how to construct a polyhouse.