Hi Greetings to all,

In India there was always farmers doing agriculture in “traditional methods“, with this they are not upgrading for global technologies which can give more yields and profits.

Compare to other countries our yielding rate is very low and  the farmers are going through in that way which they are doing as in the past, in India we have many sources like good soil, better irrigation than other countries but we are not using them properly.

for example the Israel is the country which don’t have good soil and water for agriculture, they have sandy lands but Israel is in the top on yielding levels. Think how they are doing still agriculture with that type of conditions, they are crating new challenges in agriculture,    how they could ?

Here the answer,

They are not doing agriculture in old ways, they are invented and acquired new technologies in agriculture and implementing that techniques in it and getting good results. From this changes the global people are started thinking about that and start acquire that type of techniques. Many of other countries are doing agriculture in that way, but in our India many of them even don’t know about that, so for that purpose of introduce new turns in agriculture” we are committed to provide such a information to farmers and entrepreneurs who are looking for start their career in agriculture and to get success in it.

Don’t think agriculture is only for who are uneducated and village people, all of us have to take food for survive, in next 10 years agriculture is big thing for world, it has good opportunities to achieve, so don’t take this lite,

All of our politicians and corporate companies are got this and started their businesses in agriculture, but they don’t like to discuss these things with farmers, so we have to take step to get knowledge, see agriculture is not new thing to our farmers but they have to change there methods in it, with this we’ll do better than any other country.

Farmer is the backbone of our country economy” , but government is not considered this, they say this only in their words not in action. So we are here to support the backbone of our country by educate them to acquire new methods in agriculture.

My wish is to see India as Annapoorna for the world“.


Thanks & Regards..

Srikanth somesala