Is Agriculture profitable in India?


Many of us are thinking about it when we get an idea to start an agricultural project or to start farming in India.

is it really profitable??

Answer is : yes

Let’s start thinking that is it possible to survive without food?  The answer is always no. yes it is universal truth but many of us are taking different types of food and not thinking that from where it is coming and importance of agriculture. In 2025 the 60% of people would live in cities one survey is telling this. So all of us can’t live without food  Just imagine for this much of population where the all required food come, that time the demand for agriculture products will must raise and also the price. So finally all the people turn into agriculture and know the importance of that. One thing; you are doing any job or you will be at any position you only have to eat food came from agriculture not the smart phones, circuit chips or computers.

After look at all of these examples you must start thinking of importance and calculating the stats in your mind.  Yup it’s real man! Now you will get some idea about how important is agriculture. So now we are going to talk about opportunities and profitability in agriculture.


“If there is a demand in any field must have opportunities in it.”

The agriculture is unstoppable process till the world ends!! So we have opportunities in it till the humans are going to collapse!!

So here in agriculture there are many opportunities like farming crops, animal husbandry, livestock, marketing, exports and product selling outlets.

If you want to start farming in India there are many opportunities and some encouragement support from government also. All you have to do is start cultivation and sell the produce in right place, if you follow all the right things and have some knowledge in marketing its ease to get good profits. Today the prices of vegetables, grains and all agriculture products are touching the sky. So it’s the right time to enter the market. The agriculture earnings are tax free so you don’t need to pay tax for your profits and the government is giving many subsidies for different sectors in agriculture, many of them are more than 25%-90% it’s sounds good na, so we must have knowledge on how to get loans and subsidies from government and must utilize all these support from government.
Marketing: It is the key to everything in business. It’s not how much you produce. It’s a matter of how much and how well you can sell your produce.
Many of you have varying degrees of firsthand experience in farming and I am sure all of you will agree that there are just two ways to enhance your income as a farmer ; 1. Grow more produce or 2. Get a better price for your produce.

Ideas such as greenhouse, polyhouse, vermin composting, hydroponics and so on are correct. Nothing is wrong with that at all. The reality is that unless educated and serious minded individuals (like your good selves) create better marketing options for farmers then I am afraid the pace of change in agriculture will be very slow. Demand will outstrip Supply, prices will go up and farmers share will remain low!!

A case in point is why can’t urban consumers and the city residents try and create direct linkages with farmers in their respective districts. To get around the nexus of traders and APMC markets the common man and the farmer must create a permanent relationship. NGOs and other social organizations should get themselves organized and realize how much the poor farmer earns how much they are paying for common vegetables and fruits.

This situation is being exploited by a few people and it’s time the people came together and stake a claim to their rights.

Once farmers and the consumer form a direct relationship then and only then will the farmer earn a fair price for his labor and expenses. We can go on and on talking about new technologies and ideas forever. This is (in my opinion) a little too much to expect from farmers. When residents of building societies begin to adopt a cluster of farmers we will see the meeting of rural and urban civilizations. The market traders and middlemen who exploit prices and hoard the produce will see their fate on the wall.

Remember one simple fact; “Unity Is Strength.” (Farmer + Consumer = NO Price Manipulation and Hoarding Issues By Traders)

Some key challenges we are going to face are – Logistics, Price fluctuation, locating farmers, ensuring a steady supply line.