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Growing Colored Capsicum in Greenhouse.

Here a ppt about growing Colored Capsicum in Greenhouse.   Fq.com polyhouse-colored capsicum.ppt from Srikanth....
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Have a change in our thoughts.!

Hi Greetings to all, In India there was always farmers doing agriculture in “traditional methods“, with this they are not upgrading for global technologies which can give more yields and profits. Compare to other countries our yielding rate is very low...
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How safe is dairy business in India

 Dairy Farming Business is it reliable in India   Dairy farming is a safe business for the following reasons It is eco-friendly and does not cause environmental pollution as compared to other industries. Requirement of skilled labour is relatively less Dairy...
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Growing Tomatoes inPolyhouse..

How to grow Tomatoes in polyhouse. here the ppt about complete info..  
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Agricultural Opportunities and Profitability in India

Is Agriculture profitable in India?   Many of us are thinking about it when we get an idea to start an agricultural project or to start farming in India. is it really profitable?? Answer is : yes Let’s start thinking that is it possible to survive without food? ...
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Project report for Sheep farming in India.

    Here some details about project report of sheep farming in India it’ll be for 500+25 breeding unit, complete details are given in it so you could find all the information in it Thank you..    ...
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Is organic farming practical in India ?

    (1) How practical is organic farming? Depends on how you look at organic farming. To most people, especially the ones outside the farming world, it means farming without applying chemical inputs and instead using the organic inputs available in the...
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NABARD-Govt sponsored schemes:

Here you can get some of schemes sponsored by NABARD and Govt of India.   Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme Integrated Dev. Of small ruminants and rabbits Establishment/ Modernization of rural slaughter houses Poultry Estates Commercial production units...
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